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Cottons, Spuns ,Rayons , Muls & Much more fabrics that can be tailored to entrancing dresses and salwars. Steal a look at our array of fabrics which would suit to everyone’s taste & style.

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The fabulous dyeing technic of ikkats , rayons on our highest quality fabrics for you daily needs . Studio Pehel styles you with Designer fabric dresses for all .

A summer wardrobe is not complete without outfits made of cotton. There are a number of potential uses for this natural fiber as it is an excellent choice for hot weather. The chemical-free nature of organic cotton makes it a good choice for those with sensitive skin.

Because of its adaptability, the cotton fabric can be fashioned into a wide variety of cotton summer dresses, as well as casual and semi-formal attire.

When it comes to dressing elegantly, you need to consider the weather, your surroundings, and the event. Even if it's hot outside, you can still look professional at work if you choose more casual and creative looks without sacrificing style for comfort. You can design a suit or a gown out of cotton if you choose the proper style and fabric that will look absolutely wonderful on you.

Our Cotton fabric collection, which is synonymous with long-lasting quality and comfort, comes in a wide variety of patterns and designs, including floral, bootas, as well as item, geometric, and abstract themes, and it also has a full spectrum of plains!

Known for its smooth feel and breathable texture, our premium cotton fabric is excellent for all of your casual and workplace needs. Explore our collection of cotton fabrics available online, which feature beautiful designs made by hand block, screen prints, and digital prints.