Our Materials


When it comes to comfort, cotton is the most looked-after material, and most of our outfits are made out of the same to make sure the one who wears it stays comfortable all day long. Since cotton is a soft and fluffy staple fibre, it is extremely light and doesn't feel heavy on the body.




The silk material often reflects royalty and grace, and the team at Studio Pehel uses the silk fabric to curate the most unique and extraordinary outfits that are loved by all. This material gives the comfort of a delicate appearance and smooth surface. Georgette and organza fall under the category of silk fabric.



Considered the craft of decorating fabrics, embroidery is one of the finest ways to showcase elegance, using materials like beads and threads or yarns. Hand / Machine embroidery comes into the picture in case of exclusivity , in order to curate fine designs as an outcome.



Considered to be traditional and ethnic, the Chanderi fabric is a mixture of silk and cotton which helps in giving it a shimmery texture. It is absolutely lightweight with a sheer texture and fine luxurious feel.





Made out of Silk and Cotton, Kota Doria is a light-weight fabric that is curated out of tiny hand-woven squares on traditional pit looms. These have the same strength as the cotton fabric and the mesmerizing luster and softness of silk.




Being a plain weave material with a crisp hand, Organza happens to be a lightweight fabric. It is often used to make outfits with a large volume, as its fabric is really strong. Organza is traditionally made from silk.




Chiffon primarily curated from cotton, silk or synthetic fibers like nylon, rayon and polyester, Chiffon is a material that is super light-weight and gives a translucent appearance. It is commonly used to weave sarees, dresses and scarves.