Flared skirts are one of the very sophisticated outfits these days. A flared skirt is unlike those body-con fit skirts, it has more of a flowy structure than that of the bodycon skirt. It has more of a feminine look and looks extremely graceful. If we talk about the trending capability of this skirt then it is extraordinarily amazing, from celebrities to fashion bloggers everybody has been spotted wearing the same. You've got to have one of these flared skirts in your wardrobe to raise your style quotient.



You can always play with your style in various creative ways, like wearing the same skirt with different tops, or a shirt for a formal look and also with a T-shirt and shoes for a sporty look. Not just this but you can find more creative ways to explore your style and set a unique and happening trend, here are some basic yet different ways for carrying your style with the different flared skirts. 

Formal Wear

Flared Skirts are one of the most stylish and classy formal attire, it looks perfect if you pair it with a shirt for a formal look, and a belted flared skirt can do wonders in formal attire. Pair it with a camisole and a summer blazer for an offbeat look and accessorize well with a simple necklace for an elegant look

Casual Wear

A flowy flared skirt makes the experience of wearing a skirt even more comfortable and admirable at the same time, you can always pair it up with your favorite tee or simple top for a complete look. When it comes to casual wear one can cross any boundary and experiment as much as they can. It's all about being confident in what you're wearing which brings out the best in you.


Party Wear

There is no way that a flared skirt won't be appropriate for a party look. Try vibrant colors, pair it with fancy tops for an offbeat look - it's time to make a statement and make heads turn as you enter a party. Accessorize well with dazzling earrings or a beautiful neckpiece, don't forget to put on your favorite heels.


If Basic Isn't Your Style, We've Got More For You!

Many celebrities from Hollywood as well Bollywood as adapted the trend and look stunning in the same. Fashion bloggers have also fallen in the love with the same trend. It's high time you don't lag behind and raise your style quotient by getting one for yourself. Vintage fashion has it's own charm and adds a unique look to your personality. We've got to accept that not every fashion trend has an end to it as a majority of them keeps coming back. Remember chokers and oversized shirts? They are back too! Similarly, flared skirts have also made their out to the fashion industry.


1. CHECK It Out

This flared skirt has the allure to steal hearts whenever you wear it on any occasion, these skirts are much of simple and flowy design which makes it extensively comfortable to wear and looks stunning as well. This is one of those types of skirts that should definitely be there in your wardrobe. The most trendy pattern in these skirts is the check one - you'll spot several fashion bloggers and celebrities wearing the same, it's your turn now.


2. Voguish At Work

Buttoned up skirts are definitely one of the most trending types of flared skirts, this skirt basically has buttons along with the length of the skirt which gives it a more of sporty and casual look, which definitely goes around well for a casual outing or even a date. These buttoned up skirts give an amazing casual heart stealing look which every girl desires. These are pretty yet sporty skirts which are more on the "cool" side, you can also pair up these skirts with casual shoes to make it look cooler. These skirts have buttons from top to bottom, you'll also witness the same trend among dresses as it went pretty viral. They look pretty chic and trendy and can be worn for almost any occasion.


3. Slaying In Denim

Just like cool denim shorts or shirts, these skirts are also very popular these days. Be it a simple denim flared skirt or a ripped denim flared skirt both have an amazing way of slaying with its cool yet sexy look. Denim skirts never really went out of fashion, they kept coming back with a new design or style and even we can't get over them as they are always in trend.


4. What's Trending - Trash Bag Waist Skirt

This flared skirt is trending huge this season as the knot and trash bag waist style is going pretty viral. Pair it with a camisole or a fancy top to make a statement. If you're a fashion enthusiast then you've got to have this one in your wardrobe. It's time to go out and be a trendsetter with these amazing skirts as they've got everything you've been looking for when it comes to exploring a new look.


5. Polkas Are Back!

Steal hearts and attention as well with this extraordinary flared skirt,stealing hearts and attention as well with extraordinary flared skirt, immensely voguish and perfectly sophisticated. If you want a rich and classy look for an evening get together or a date, then this one should definitely be in your wardrobe.

6. The Edgy Look

Pair it with your favourite graphic tee along with a pair of sneakers for a sporty look. Make a statement with a short pleated skirt to stand out. Remember to ALWAYS experiment - we've got to know how differently we can style a single skirt. This flared skirt is something out of the box and a trendsetter for all of us looking for some major inspiration.


7. Pleated Ones

It's amazing how we can slay this style in every way. It looks perfect for casual wear as one can play around with different tops and styles to come out with a stunning look. Shape and size don't matter when it comes to pleated skirts as they play a neutral role. No wonder how it fits well for ever occasion. Play around with colors to know what suits you the best.


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